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Diyana + Irwan | Majlis Bersanding

I didn't know Chuen asked us to wear peach so I wore gold/brown. But I matched Azra.

Chuen looked amazing in her dress. Especially with the headpiece. So regal. She's certainly the queen of the day - alongside her king. I was so excited when I first saw her. Cantik sangat. Pelamin, dress, meja makan beradab, makeup, everything looks so good. You've definitely hired the right bridal.

And the food was the best, I basically cleaned off Azra's plate.
It has been months since the last time we meet up, it was a very memorable and fun day. And of course, there's baby K. My favourite baby girl. 

Permaisuri dan Raja dah turun takhta...

Sleep and fresh milk is baby K's current favourite things so it might be a while before we introduce her to Roost.

Diyana + Irwan | Nikah & Malam Berinai

Was one of the dulang girls that day. Arrived just on time. Thanks to Mama for the ride. The night was hectic but despite everything, they got married and everyone enjoyed the moment. Alhamdulillah.

So surreal masa dah SAH tu I was like, dah SAH ea? Tetiba je dah sah. Anyway, love, love, love that night. Hats off to Cuks whos been there since early in the morning helping out with everything. She's like the superbridesmaid okay.
Malam Berinai attire was lovely. Not a common colour combination but it works. I know they were tired but they look happy because everything was worth it in the end (I think?). Dah halal dah boleh make friends for baby K. Yeay!
Congratulations Chuen & Ewan. I've wrote this in your guestbook but I'm gonna reiterate lah okay. Semoga murah rezeki and cepat-cepat make cute babies. I love you Chuen. Don't worry about the future too much dah ada your Capten for life tu InsyaAllah everything will be great.

ĝCafe @ Mount Austin

A two-storey lifestyle cafe located at the row shops in Taman Mount Austin, gCafe has been around for a few months. I went there for tea a few weeks back. 1. Because I want to go to a new place. 2. It's on my way home. 
The place is nicely decorated but actually, every other cafes looks the same nowadays. Rustic, quirky decor is the in thing but the chair separates it from other similar cafes because they have cushions. I love cushions. Rasa nak tidur; seriously. A comfortable place to have a chat with your friends or just laze around.
The service was good. Nice waiter, food served in a timely manner. Menu was pretty much cafe menus. Pastas, salads, desserts, and tid bits. There's plenty of drinks to try from the menu and I like the fact that they labelled the non-caffienated drinks. Very helpful to me because I try to avoid caffeine whenever I can.
We had mushroom bruschetta, soft crab shell pasta and tea. The portion was definitely bigger than Maco Vintage's (with simil…

Burger Bakar Abang Burn @ B.Point Station

I was craving for burgers, big fat patty cheesy burgers; so we went to Burger Bakar Abang Burn. 
Service was fast and I think, the location is great. Although it's noisy and loud because of the traffic but actually the sound of the city fits the masculinity of the burger. I'm not sure if that makes sense but that's how I felt when I had the amazing Supremo Beef Cheese, a beef burger with cheese, fried mushroom and onion rings. The other one is Burn Beef Cheese Cheesy (double the cheese) and that's awesome too. My cravings for a good ol' fattening burger was definitely satisfied. I would love to try the lamb burgers and the meatballs next.
Full menu here: Menu Abang Burn

Burger Bakar Abang Burn Jajahan Johor Bahru is located at B.Point Station, Stulang (opposite Anjung Tokoh - Muzium Dato' Jaafar). It's open from 5.00PM to 2.30AM. Visit their website for more info.


This year's Johor Bahru Writers & Readers Festival (JBWRF) took place at Johor Bahru Performing Arts Centre (JBPAC).

JBPAC is located at Level 4M, Danga City Mall. There's two separated 'boxes' at JBPAC, The Black Box and The White Box. JBWRF was held at The Black Box.

I really enjoyed shopping at JBWRF. I bought five books, four of it was in my wishlist.Some writers were on stage talking about their books but didn't get a chance to stay because I had other plans.
Checked out the White Box right after. It's an art gallery. There's paintings, sculptures, and art classes. Some of it were really nice. I would pay big bucks for it (if I earn big bucks). My favourite was the mixed medium painting. I only have time to do a quick scan. Wish I can go there again and spend more time admiring each and every piece of art.

Anne's Bachelorette Dinner

Can't wait for the big day! Get to be one of the dulang girls. Get to wear nice matching new clothes with other dulang girls. Get to hang out with friends. Get to take thousand of pictures together. Get to doll up and be all pretty and sweet. Get to act gelabah takut terjatuhkan dulang. I'm excited for my girl's wedding, really. I still remember 9 years ago when you ditched me at the stadium to sit with your fiance cum future husband. Looking back, I'm happy that you're still together. Glad you guys are finally getting hitched!

Kumpulan Cerpen 40 - Arif Zulkifli

Perasaan baca buku ni kalau ada graf dia naik sampai tahap maksimum sebelum merudum dan terus mendatar ke tahap paling bawah.
Senang kata, I really enjoyed the first few short stories, one of it, Pecah. Lepas tu semua macam lebih kurang je dan tak nampak cerita yang betul-betul beri kesan dalam hati.
Tapi Pecah memang lawak!

Mee Bandung Udang Special, Selera Tanjung @ Tanjung Langsat

Dah alang-alang pergi kawasan kilang, singgah makan Mee Bandung Udang. Kedai di hujung kampung. Pernah pergi dulu masa sekolah menengah (rasanyalah) tapi tak makan mee, makan seafood. 
Bagi yang gemar mee udang, mungkin suka. For me, it's just okay because I prefer mee bandung rasa kacang/daging macam Mee Bandung Odeon Batu Pahat. But the sea view is breathtaking. Teringin nak berumah di tepi pantai walaupun tak reti berenang dan tak suka bau masin laut.

Borjouis - 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream

123 Perfect CC Eye Cream is basically a CC cream for the eyes. I bought it in shade 22 Light Beige. They only have two shades in Watsons JB City Square and the other one is 21 Ivory.
My first impression was the tip is different, not plastic but rubbery. At first, you may have to twist the end of the pen 20 times before the product comes out but after that, you will only need to twist it once. The consistency is lighter than the regular CC cream. After a few use, the remaining product inside the tube might clog the tip.
All in all, this is definitely a good budget friendly product that does the job which is to colour correct the skin. I have severe dark eye circles and this product pretty much covers 80% of it which is amazing. After 6 hours it may settle on fine lines but the key is to keep your skin moisturized and always put on under eye primer before applying.

Ayam Penyet Z&Z @ Taman Bukit Dahlia

Ayam Penyet dan Pecel Lele yang rangup dan sambal yang pedas. Sup masin sikit tapi tak berminyak dan sedap. Dekat atas meja disediakan Sos Manis ABC. Sebenarnya tak tau apa function sos tu tapi bila tuang sikit dekat sambal, adalah ala-ala Wong Solo. Bezanya, dekat Wong Solo sos pekat, yang ini cair. Satu je yang slack, portion nasi lebih kurang separuh mangkuk nasi yang biasa hidang dekat kedai-kedai lain so terpaksa tambah nasi (dan sambal). Overall, terbaik okay ayam penyet/pecel lele dekat sini. Rasa macam nak pergi hari-hari.