The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

The Fault in Our Stars is now a movie and I want to read the novel first before I watch the film.

Hazel, Augustus, Isaac, Monica. Peter. It was a very moving story, filled with sarcasm, ideas, theories, teenage stuff, love and life. Death is inevitable. The characters suffered from cancer but they don't attract pity nor they want to be pitied. They lived, despite their illness. Pain demands to be felt, the universe needs to be noticed, or is it individuals who want to be noticed by the universe?

It can be anybody's reality. Living, dying. Losing or leaving love ones, no matter how it happened, is a tragedy. But to be honest, I rather cry over ones death than seeing them leaving.

Even when you already know the ending, believe me, no harm done. It's not about how it ends but how the story goes. And John Green is definitely a good story teller.

I love this book.

Developed a liking towards John Green after I read the blurbs at the back of "An Abundance of Katherines". It was interesting. I looked around and saw his other novels. I'm the kind of person who will read every novel from the same author just because so, at that moment I quickly wrote in my notebook under the Book Wishlist page "everything by John Green". 
Five months til my birthday ;)

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