Every Day - David Levithan

A was a wandering soul, literally. Everyday he/she wakes up in a different body. Everything was okay until he/she fell in love with a girl. Is it possible to have a relationship when you shape shift everyday?

The love-stricken A made a mistake once and exposed him/herself to others, others like him/her. This led him/her to the possibility of staying in one body for a longer period. How will that affect the real owner of the body? Will he/she do it for the sake of having an ordinary life and staying with the girl he/she loves?

After the first half of the novel, I feel like wanting to see a movie based on this book. It's similar to Time Traveler's Wife and with this kind of fiction, there's endless possibility. I start to wonder why A only travels to bodies around that area and not to a different continent and what will happen if he/she's older will it be weirder? The trick is to not think about logic. Just go with the flow.

Another slightly depressing young adult fiction by David Levithan. However, it ended with a nice note.

ps: A few days after finishing this book, I had a dream as if I was one of them who has been possessed by something/one like A.
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