The Sisters Brothers - Patrick deWitt

At first I thought, how can brothers be sisters? Then it dawned on me that Sisters is a surname. The book is about two brothers, cowboys; on a head hunt, Charlie was the elder one and Eli, the younger one. They are killers and their first kill was their own father, a very cruel father.

It was the gold rush in San Francisco, California. Narrated by Eli. He's soft compared to Charlie. They worked for a very powerful man, Commodore, who has sent them to California to kill Warm, a man who has created a formula to make finding gold in the streams easier; so that Commodore can have the formula.

They traveled by horse and had some adventure, killed a bear and a few people, learnt to use tooth brush, fell in love etc. In the end they decided not to kill Warm but they befriended him and helped him to find more gold. However, the excitement of owning so much gold didn't last very long because the formula they used harmed them and killed Warm and his friend Morris, who was Commodore's help and deemed a traitor.

Due to direct exposure to the formula, Charlie ended up with a severely wounded hand, his shooting hand. He is a killer and that hand was very important to him. After the incident, he turned into a different person, not the brave leader and brother Eli used to know. Everything just went south after that. They were attacked by Red Indians, the place where they hid their gold was burnt to the ground, and their money was stolen. Eli went to Commodore's quarters and killed Commodore without the help of Charlie. In the end, they returned to their mother's house and that's when they really found peace.

I never thought that I would enjoy such story because I hate cowboys and most of the books that I have really enjoyed was set in 1960s onwards but the storyline about the brothers relationship and how their adventures transformed their relationship was fascinating.

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