Every You, Every Me - David Levithan

David Levithan and his unusual ways to write a novel i.e. The Lover's Dictionary

Every You, Every Me is a story written based on photographs by Jonathan Farmer, the author's friend.

A dark, sad, and intense novel. Evan desperately seeking for his best friend (which he wished was his girlfriend instead), Ariel, and at the same time tries to hold on to Jack, Ariel's (ex)boyfriend. It's about losing someone and longing for him/her and in due time you will lose a part of your self/mind because you over-think things

The events that took place in Evan's life after Ariel left seems creepy and out of this world until you reach the last few chapters. Obviously, that's when the author reveals everything.

Sometimes, a good listener and closure is all that we need. Open up to people. Humans are not meant to live alone.
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