BIGFOOD @ Nong Chik Heights

Another restaurant by the owners of Grafa & Kapten Steamboat + Grill. If you're heading towards Pusat Bandaraya, it will be the first shop you see at the Nong Chik Heights shop area.

The food was okay. There's a lot of choices (think Williams / Murni plus extras). The servings are big, suits the price. Fantastic decoration, nice and simple, and also great ambiance. My perfect moment was listening to Lights & Camera (Yuna) while eating. Undeniably, the owners have great taste in music, not that it's a surprise as they have this family band going on.

We ordered Mee Raja, Nasi Goreng Ketam and Panna Cotta. Sounds familiar right? But it's different. I love the fact that instead of serving it with the usual chilli sauce, they replace it with sambal (chilli paste). I think that's the coolest thing ever because the night before I had this bad experience at an unnamed restaurant where all the gravy was cooked with sauces straight from the bottle and some sliced onions.

It will definitely be a hit since we're lacking this kind of place to eat and chill. I envy the KLites sometimes.

ps: After an early dinner, someone went back for supper with his friends. I was told that it's open until 2am on weekends.

Bigfood is located atNo 1, Jalan Kolam Air Nong Chik Heights, 80200 Johor Bahru. Contact them at 0177313386. Operation hours from 3pm to 12amFollow them on Instagram for more info and updates.
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