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The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick / [2012]

Suka kedua-dua filem dan buku. Filem, lakonan Bradley Cooper dan Jennifer Lawrence memang best. Yang aku suka juga, ada Julia Stiles. Teringat zaman tengok Save The Last Dance berulang-ulang tanpa bosan, dan juga 10 Things I Hate About You.
Buku pun best. Walaupun pada dasarnya dua-dua cerita pasal benda sama, tapi perbezaan plot buat kita tak rasa tengok filem tu sama macam baca buku. Kisah yang sama disampaikan oleh dua penglipur lara pasti ada kelainan.
Biasanya orang tak suka dengan filem adaptasi novel tapi yang ini bagus.***
Download dalam bentuk pdf.

BIGFOOD @ Nong Chik Heights

Another restaurant by the owners of Grafa & Kapten Steamboat + Grill. If you're heading towards Pusat Bandaraya, it will be the first shop you see at the Nong Chik Heights shop area.
The food was okay. There's a lot of choices (think Williams / Murni plus extras). The servings are big, suits the price. Fantastic decoration, nice and simple, and also great ambiance. My perfect moment was listening to Lights & Camera (Yuna) while eating. Undeniably, the owners have great taste in music, not that it's a surprise as they have this family band going on.
We ordered Mee Raja, Nasi Goreng Ketam and Panna Cotta. Sounds familiar right? But it's different. I love the fact that instead of serving it with the usual chilli sauce, they replace it with sambal (chilli paste). I think that's the coolest thing ever because the night before I had this bad experience at an unnamed restaurant where all the gravy was cooked with sauces straight from the bottle and some sliced on…

Self appreciation

I've just realised that I have surpassed the one month mark of not having a smartphone. After years of being attached to it.

I've not purchased anything from watsons for five months.

Have not bought any skincare products for almost three months.

Maybe it's time to reward myself but, there's another maybe. Maybe a better reward will come much later. InsyaAllah.

The Runaway Jury - John Grisham

I've seen a movie with the same title but it's not about tobacco company, cigarettes and stuff, the movie was about firearms. Turns out, the movie was based on this novel. Same characters and plot just a different issue.
This book will keep you guessing. It's not much about whose verdict it's gonna be, I was sure the plaintiff will get what they want but I want to know how it will happen - how Nicholas Easter will sway the juries votes.
I am definitely on the defense side, I don't think when you get cancer you should blame the tobacco companies. You smoke at your own risk. It's your choice. It's not like anybody forced you to. 
Personal opinion (about the issue) aside, The Runaway Jury is an excellent read and it made me miss being in law school. I love how the writer develop the characters and build the plot. I don't quite like the ending, it feels like anti-climax to the already brilliant story.

Beli di Popular.

Hayya Alal Falah

Sejenis orang yang bila dah berjaya, dia kutuk orang yang tak berjaya.

Dah berjaya move on kutuk orang yang tak move on.

Dah berjaya jadi baik kutuk orang yang tak baik.

Orang kata, hate the sin not the sinner.

Angkuh. Riak.

Kenapa tak ajak orang lain sama-sama menuju kejayaan?

Nazi Goreng : Young Malay Fanatic Skinheads - Marco Ferrarese

It's funny, gripping, full of surprises. Italian man writing about Malay skinheads. The result is quite amazing.
Sembahyang cukup tapi minum arak, lifestyle skinhead, self declared Nazi Melayu (Kuasa Melayu), rasa pendatang asing tak layak hidup tapi dalam masa yang sama bekerja untuk orang Iran. Salahkan Cina sebab pakai skirt pendek kononnya ancaman pada kaum lelaki Melayu Islam. Bercinta dengan gadis Indonesia. Hidup nak rebel je tapi bila kena tangkap call peguam yang merupakan bapak sendiri.
Penuh dengan ironi.
Kalau boleh ubah satu or tambah apa-apa, maybe aku nak subplot lebih dikembangkan.
This pretty much sums it up for me.

Ummi's boy

Semalam, masa on the way balik kerja Ma call tanya kat mana. Ma dah kat rumah. Aneh kan. My workaholic mom, sampai rumah before me. Baru 7.30pm. Selalu nak dekat pukul 9.00pm baru Ma gerak from office. But yesterday was an exception. Semalam, her son yang memang selalu sakit and masuk hospital dari kecik, diagnosed with dengue fever. Haruslah dia drop everything and pergi call everyone yang dia kenal around KL/Selangor untuk tengokkan anak dia. 
Balik melepek. Mata merah. Muka sedih. Sampai ke malam macam tu sebab call tak berjawab. Around 10.00pm barulah adik aku pick up, he's at the hospital dengan water drip cuma belum makan je. Lepas dah dapat update, legalah hati Ma. Terus ada selera nak makan.

Aku pulak, walaupun risau juga, terus tenang sambung makan nasi goreng kampung lepas habiskan satay.

Ikal Mayang 2014

Sempena International Women's Day itu hari. My favourites are...

Khalilah - funny yang jeb je boleh buat and crissie je boleh deliver. Take note tracksuit ala The Royal Tenanbaums. As a fan of Wes Anderson's movies... cool gila kayh!

Molly - goosebumps weyh ending dia :(

and of course... Sayang by Yuna :)

Need For Speed [2014]

Basically, cerita good vs bad. Orang baik selalu ditindas dan jarang diberikan peluang, orang jahat pula hidup senang lenang.
Storyline dia best, part romantic pun sweet sangat. I think Julia is very pretty. Walaupun hero, Tobey, aku tak kenal, and biasa-biasa je, aku rasa rupa biasa tulah yang membuatkan kita simpati lebih. Dan perasaan benci dekat Dino membuak-buak sebab dia sangat kejam.
Seronok tengok kereta racing dan berdentum, berlanggar bagai. Ada babak-babak agak poyo tapi diselamatkan oleh aksi yang tak henti-henti serta Julia yang comel. Suka tengok perempuan blond dengan dark brows. Cun okay. And THAT LIPS! I want that.

I don't usually watch action movies, tengok semua Transformers dekat wayang tapi tak ingat langsung ceritanya and tidur masa tengok Real Steel. That is why movie ini adalah a nice surprise for me sebab rasa sangat best dan mungkin akan lagi suka kalau tengok 3D sebab effect boleh tahan.

Shira + Munir

A very simple and sweet dinner reception. The dais was spectacular, one of a kind. I love it. The ceremony itself was personal and lovely. Everybody had a great time with their friends and family. Everyone looks beautiful, especially the bride.
Congratulations to the newlyweds. Semoga murah rezeki dan diberkati selalu. InsyaAllah.

November - Penulis Sahaja & Alexia Aqram

Tengok jelah tajuk dia. Macam mana lah aku tak jatuh cinta. Bila dah dapat, tengok cover... adoi sweet gila okay. Nampak tak? Bukti yang lahir bulan November semuanya manis-manis belaka.
Isinya ringkas. Tak ada cerita yang berjela-jela. Ada yang happy, ada yang sedih, yang touching dan geli-geli. Semua pasal cinta dari setiap tahap tak kira baru nak berputik atau dah layu. Untuk pembaca yang suka benda simple tapi deep.

Aku suka penutup dia. Penutup dia sayu dan feeling habis seumpama buku tu sendiri yang bercakap dengan kau sebab dah ending so she's gonna leave you, it'll be hard to forget her but she's gonna leave anyway. End.

Kirim ARiey dari Pesta Buku kot?


Celebrated Dekne's birthday at his house about a week ago. Who needs a shrink when you have friends like this. 


Dah biasa connected and easily contacted, bila hilang kau rasa frantic. 

Korban Cinta Remaja - Terfaktab

Aku dah nak hilang percaya pada antologi cerpen sebab mostly yang aku baca, more yawns than yeahh.
Korban Cinta Remaja was quite good. I like Maria Natasha. Dah pernah cakap ni dalam antologi cerpen lain ada dia menulis juga dan aku suka juga cerita yang tu. 
Leplep pun best.
The Bent Pencil dedua cerpen dia aku suka.
Bila kata korban cinta remaja ni tak semua pasal cinta sepasang kekasih. Ada pengorbanan untuk family juga itu yang jadi penarik. Sebab masa tengok cerita Cinta pun yang buat aku nangis cerita Que Haidar and Nanu perihal kakak yang korbankan buah pinggang untuk adiknya. Macam salah satu cerpen dalam Korban Cinta Remaja, adik yang korbankan hidup untuk jaga kakaknya, walaupun end up gagal.

Beli di

Nano White - omega day shield

I have been using Nano White for a few months. I bought the Basic 123 Pack from Watsons - awakening snow wash, refining treatment toner, and cell moist whitenor. I also use the omega day shield SPF 50++. 
Overall, I think the basic set was just okay so I won't repurchase it but I love the sunscreen. It's very light and it's not sticky. It also brightens your complexion and doesn't make your skin looks grey.
A good substitute for Ocean Potion Face Potion which I can't find at local pharmacies anymore probably due to some findings that it doesn't have UVA protection.

Face Potion is my HG product but right now I'm just happy I found something else.

eleanor & park - Rainbow Rowell

Dikatakan di kulit buku cerita ini dapat membuatkan orang rasa muda dan dalam cinta (re: young and in love). Itu fakta.
Tak perlu lalui apa yang Eleanor dan Park lalui. Ambil aku. Tak ada bercinta masa umur 16 tahun. Bukan mangsa keganasan di rumah. Bukan anak kacuk Korea dan Amerika. Masih terasa that fuzzy feelings bila penulis describe kali pertama diorang jatuh cinta, pegang tangan, berbual, kongsi kegembiraan, jumpa parents, rindu tak jumpa masa cuti sekolah dan weekends, sedih untuk berpisah dan tak pasti dengan masa depan.
Yelah. 16. Muda lagi. Masing-masing nak bercinta forever and ever. Dalam masa yang sama, masing-masing faham kebarangkalian mereka akan berpisah lepas tu jumpa dan bercinta dengan orang lain.
“Nothing before you counts," he said. "And I can't even imagine an after." 
She shook her head. "Don't."
"Don't talk about after."
"I just meant that... I want to be the last person who ever kisses you, to…