The Secret Life of Walter Mitty [2013]

Went to the movies on a Wednesday. Between Believe, Delivery Man and Mitty, I chose Mitty.

The movie started at 7.00pm. I missed 20 minutes of it. I need to watch it again. I was pretty clueless at first but after a while, I figured it out.

I just learnt that it's actually the title of a short story written in 1939 and it's a movie remake. Oh.

Anyway, I love it. I love the relationships that Walter Mitty have with his family, friends, colleagues, with Cheryl and Rich, Todd!! With the people on the boat, and the hotel owner who saved him at Iceland before the eruption (LOL).

Walter Mitty makes me feel like travelling the world. All the daydreams and adventure he had, it seems fun compared to the boring life I'm living now. Stuck in a cubicle. Forcing myself to go to work every morning. I love my office I don't hate my job but it's no fun. 

I wanna be brave like Walter Mitty. I wanna take risks. I wanna hop on a plane to anywhere. But first, I need a passport.

There's a scene where Sean said something about how after all the troubles he went through to take a picture of something, he didn't even click the shutter because he prefers to live in the moment. It made me think about all the times I was so focused on taking pictures and forgot to really soak in and feel the surrounding :/

When the final cover for LIFE was revealed, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I'm not sure what it was... most probably, I was really happy for him. All that struggles... It was worth it.

In the end, he's not just an ordinary joe... he's a hero.

A very uplifting and inspiring movie. I wanna watch it again! ****
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