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2014 shouldn't have happened

I should be counting my blessing, carpe diem-ing but... life sucks.
2014 sucks.
For one moment, I was the happiest girl in the world, and it went downhill - fast - and I'm at the deepest part of the world now, static, drowning, still hurting. Too many "almost" happy.

"almost", it ruined me.

2015, I'm gonna live or die trying. Worst come to worst, I'll be dead by twenty seven.

Happy new year and may your year be free from any "almost" moments.

Terbaik Dari Langit [2014]

All pictures from Google
The story is intriguing. I want to know more. I need to think about it (still thinking about it) this is a good movie for discussion (missing Ira and Ariey). 
Basically, if you love it, you love it - doesn't make you superior ke apa. Kadang geng-geng deep ni dia punya hidung kemain tinggi. If you don't like it, there's nothing wrong with you. Cuma tak perlu nak buat bising dalam panggung expressing your disdain. Orang lain nak enjoy please respect.
That actually happened to me. A woman acting like a child. She brought her kids and they were well behaved but she's the rude and noisy one.
The cinematography though, beyond my expectation. A world class graphic visuals you got there. Looking at the pictures on the internet makes me all teary eyed. It was so amazing, I can't get over it. And top notch performance by the casts.
Terbaik Dari Langit makes me miss my friends. Makes me want to go on a road trip, a little soul searching with my soul ma…

Farah + Ridzuan

Just another beautiful wedding I went to earlier this month. Not my friend's but a friend of a friend punya wedding - macam tu lah kan, lebih kurang. Both bride and groom were gorgeous! They are a beautiful couple during ordinary days too, by the way. Congrats to both of them, and thanks to my friend sebab ajak pergi sama.

Bibir Ceri Melati - Fazleena Hishamuddin

I have been frustrated with my choice of books lately. But this one was a 180 degree spin. Finally, something good.
There's a lot of short stories and poems. What I love the most was the short stories. The poems are good too but the short stories gets me. I am in a situation where most of the time, a big fat denial is in my reality. So this is my reality check. I realize that a heartbreak is not the end of the world. I can still be okay.
But I refuse to back down. Not now I think not now. I gave too much, I will give it all. Totally unrelated with the book but yeah, it gave me clarity.
Whenever I feel that I'm being bias because I can relate to it, it made me think, aren't we all (bias)? We try to find similarities in a fictional man made characters, in whatever form of art possible, be it in the movies, short stories, poems, songs... maybe relating to something will make us feel less lonely (?)

Wadi El Arab @ Kampung Melayu Majidee

Other than ayam penyet, my all time easy pick for lunch and dinner is nasi arab. Heard a lot of good reviews on Wadi El Arab but only went there recently with my family for dinner.
We had the chicken and lamb with nasi arab (mandy/bokhari combined together), and a pot of teh arab for me and my parents. The food was good, spicy salsa, flavourful rice, nice and tender meat.
It was at par with Al-Lazeez, my favourite nasi arab restaurant in Johor Bahru. Wadi El Arab has the upper hand on the variety of menu but we didn't order anything other than nasi arab. 
The price was kind of steep but it's totally worth it. Definitely coming back for more.

Wadi El Arab is located at Kampung Melayu Majidee. Open daily from 12:00pm to 11:00pm. Contact No. 010-6612066/ 010-3800344.

Versi Saya Sayang FUU XXVII

A very rare occasion earlier this month.

I love hanging out with these people. I don't live their life - big shot lawyers, big career, unlocking achievements, striving to be the best... I am unlike them but I love being around them, they are still the same people, reminds me of yesteryear when we were still struggling to get that scroll, to be what we are today. They've become a better version of themselves.

Nobody ever told us that we were the worst batch ever, except for Conveyancing class. I turned out to be a conveyancer. It turned out quite alright, I think.

And of course, this cute little bunny...

Pygmy - Chuck Palahniuk

Adolescent spies trying to terrorise America with Operation Havoc by pretending to be transfer student from wherever they came from (some communist state, maybe China, maybe PRK). There were five or six of them, all in the same area living with their host family. The plan was actually to make American terrorist babies. Unfortunately, the main agent, Pygmy, the voice behind the story, fell in love with the host sister.
Reading this book is like reading english signage in China. The ones that will make you go "Oh My ENGRISH!". It's a bit confusing but it gives character to Pygmy. The writer didn't mention where the terrorists came from but from the language used, I strongly believe it's China.
At first it was hard for me to understand what Pygmy is saying, I had to reread some paragraphs several times but after a few chapters it becomes easier. I speed read through few pages which I don't think is important for me to understand the story, mostly the parts wher…


Third retainer in less than two years. I can only blame myself for being so careless.

I thought Amim mahal, when I call other dentist, lagi mahal. A pair of retainer (plastic) RM600? Amim charge RM400 and siap within an hour tau.
For my own convenience, pergi jugalah buat dekat dentist yang mahal sikit sebab it was urgent (can't afford to wear braces again, last time pakai pun guna scholarship), the clinic is near my house and open until 9.00pm on weekdays. Went there right before the weekend start.

Charged RM300 for upper teeth retainer (dekat Amim RM200) and RM90 for front tooth filling.

Yes, I chipped my tooth 16 years ago and got it filled for the first time when I was 15, for free, thanks to Klinik Kesihatan Kerajaan yang visit sekolah every year. The second time was when I was 17 ke 18 macam tu. Pun dekat Klinik Kerajaan. And then it kinda chipped again (yelah almost 10 years already) that is why I decided to redo it.

I miss my braces, really. It's difficult to eat, at …

Arina + Salleh

One of my friends that I don't talk to everyday, probably once or twice every six months but it doesn't feel awkward when we meet.
She got married to her long time beau, Salleh, a month ago. Congratulations to both of you and hopefully the wedding present will be useful :)

Met these ladies. Mahal ni jumpa Nanie, my classmate in Form 5 and roommates during our second and third year. Bukan selalu dapat jumpa.

Zeqia's Karipap @ Taman Molek

If you're around Taman Molek and looking for some snacks, you should look for Zeqia's Karipap. They don't sell your traditional karipap. The karipap is big and the fillings ranging from potatoes and eggs, masala mutton, black pepper beef to cheesy chicken. It's delicious and the dough is filled to the brim. Price starts from RM1.80.
They also sell packed food like fried noodles and nasi lemak.

Located at the under renovation furniture shop behind HSBC Taman Molek. More info at their Facebook.

Yuna Lullabies Show

Two hundred tickets only... limited edition sweater, beautiful place (Ruang, Subang Jaya), beautiful setting, I'm just happy to see her perform live, again. Totally speechless when I met her, got her autograph on all my CD cover and took pictures with her. What an amazing weekend. Amazing. Totally out of this world kind of amazing. It's worth every second and every cent. And to have two of my most favourite people in the whole wide world beside me all the way... that's priceless. I love Yuna and I love you.

'Til her next show...

Wordless Wednesday - Wonderful Weekend