Passport Drama

Never knew that applying for a passport will be a hassle for me.

Lemme tell you a bit about myself. I moved to Malaysia in 1992. Travelled using my mom's passport. Got my nationality cert within the same year. Certified Malaysian by way of registration.

I don't have a passport. Went overseas a few times before but only using Visa. An immigration officer warned me that I'll have a problem when I apply for a passport and that was during visa application for a company trip to Singapore in 2010. A few weeks later, I went to clarify the issue at Jabatan Pendaftaran and they told me otherwise. I was annoyed with the immigration officer and his stupid warning

Fast forward few years later, boy was I wrong! I actually have to bring my birth cert, nationality cert and the document that I used 21 years ago to enter Malaysia.

Thank God my mom still keeps her now expired passport.

Unfortunately, haven't had the time to go to the immigration department after that awful incident. I wonder when will I finally own a passport.
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