This is the oldest that I have ever felt.

A post long overdue.

A day before my birthday, somebody asked me about my age and I was tempted to lie.

The next day my dad asked, and I told him I'm 22. As if he doesn't have a clue.

That been said, thank you for all the birthday wishes. I definitely felt the love. You guys made me very happy on my birthday.

Special mentions to...

The office mates. Thanks for the free lunch ladies.

Thank you so much for the books Ariey and Ira. Those were on my must buy list and you knew because I did share the list with you but I almost bought one of the books few weeks ago, thank God I didn't hehe.

And just when I thought there'll be no suprises this year, I was literally blown away by what my friends had planned for me. Thank you so much words can't describe how happy I was. Tapi tak nangis okay. Crying would be too dramatic, no?:P

For the family, thanks for the dinner and thanks for waiting. It has been awhile.

Last but not least...

Thank you again, Love, for everything. Another great day thanks to you. The bouquet, the gifts, the dinner treat and also your time. Thanks for staying in my life. My twenty fourth year will not be same without you. I love you dakmok.

Here's to being a better person. Doakan.

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