The Cry of The Sloth - Sam Savage

The Cry of The Sloth

This book consists of letters, adverts, notes, to-do lists and excerpts from one Andy Whittaker, a widower, art enthusiast, editor, landlord and first and foremost, a writer. His life is going downhill. At first I feel sorry for him and was rooting for him to be better. Half way through, it seems like everything is getting worse. He's broke and he's living in a mess. In the end, he became sloth like. He doesn't go out, he doesn't move much. Whenever he went outside of his house, he embarrassed himself. Sometimes I feel angry at him for being so pathetic to the point that he wrote letters to one popular local art magazine using pseudonyms to talk highly of himself/ defend his wrongdoings. What a loser.
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