For the love of mee.

I love noodles especially wantan mee. Whenever I'm at Plaza Angsana I must have the dried prawn wantan mee at OK Wantan Mee. Wajib senang kata. I don't mind the fact it didn't tastes as good as how it used to be few years back. I love it too much to care.

Recently, I found another noodles dish to obsess over. I went to Atirah Eatery at Hutan Bandar for breakfast and had the mee kolok. It was so good. I love the chunks of roasted chicken in it. The soup taste great too. I really wish the girl that took the order could just lighten up a bit.

OK Wantan Mee, Plaza Angsana

Atirah Eatery, Hutan Bandar
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