...and hopefully wiser.

So many things happened this Ramadan. Braces removed. Welcomed retainter. My first job. Working on a weekend. Helping out at the new house. Break fast with him... and favourite people - to say that they're my friends would be an understatement; definitely my second family. Bled because of the crab, tasty but dangerous. Ayam golek, the food I have been craving for forever, Alhamdulillah for that.

I guess this year is different. I don't have the urge to buy anything for raya. Break fast has not been an eating contest. Usually had it at home and if I'm dining out, mostly only one meal. Life is much simpler. 

When you have to earn money - no more handouts, you'll appreciate it more. Thanks to my accountant parents, I'm making sure every single cent counts, just like how they taught me since I was little. 

My siblings are different. They can't remember how it was/weren't there when life was hard. The long walks, bus rides, and rented house. I guess that's why I'm okay with not driving (but I have to - the boss wants me to drive). I pity them though. My parents had more time for me and for themselves when I was growing up. 

Now, a few years before they hit the big five-o, they're still preoccupied with work. The long hours and travelling... I wish them health and prosperity. All the sacrifices they've made, InsyaAllah they'll be rewarded accordingly.
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