When the going gets tough...

... the tough gets going. But I am not tough so I panicked.

It has only been a week but I'm already trying to figure out when will be the right time to send out resumes to other companies; and when will our dream to set up our own company/business can be realised.

And then there's this thing about hanging out with a new crowd. I am not the type to start or even join a conversation. I'll just sit and stare at people doing whatever they do. I don't even look at the phone until somebody pointed out that nobody talks to me. In that awkward moment, I relied on my phone for salvation. Afterwards they did ask me a few questions but it's too late. I feel pathetic. Pathetic because I seem like a weirdo and there's nobody there to save me from whatever embarrassment I was going through.

I wish somebody cared. Anybody? Nobody?

I hope I'll fall in love with my job, or my office, or both; soon.
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