Braces blues

After 858 days.

First the o-ring. Then the thin wire around the brackets. I got wire cutter inside of my mouth. Snip and twist. Snip and twist. Snip. Twist. Snip. Twist. Til she got it all off.

Then the archwires. Followed by the brackets. Pliers were used. She pull it off one by one. Pop. I feel like my tooth was about to fall off. Pop. Pop. Tsk. Pop. Pop. Pop. It hurts so bad :(

Now the metal band. Pliers, again. Feels like she's removing the molars. My molars. Ouch x 4.

Scaling and polishing. The polish tasted like strawberries. It's pink and sweet. And the mold for retainer. It's pink too. Almost puked when she stuck that thing inside of my mouth. Gag-reflex be damned.

I miss my braces.

My gum is still swelling. My teeth feels naked and unprotected. Talking is awkward. Staying away from hard solid food because I'm afraid that my teeth will break or something. The only good thing about having my braces off is it's so much easier to brush my teeth.

The insides of my mouth still feels numb.
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