Love makes me feel poetic...

Million Dollar Beauty is currently hosting a blogging competition. Enter and you might stand a chance to win the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette which is so pretty to look at and definitely prettier when applied on. All you need to do is blog about the competition and leave your URL at the comment section *click*, yes it's that easy! It ends on the 17th May 2013 and the blogger with the most creative blogpost will be chosen as the winner.

Nudity at it's best

With a name like basics
She's really something more
Simplicity can be pretty
Modesty spectacular

Urban Decay Naked Basics
Lovely Room

Her shades are sick
Like Venus from afar
The goddess of love
With a foxy demeanor
Yet she's so classy,
Subtle and demure
Looks so slick
But feels so pure

Never a walk of shame, not a hue in vain
Naked(2) with dignity, true beauty is her aim

Seems faint at first sight but she's never a bore
The crave for her is like nothing before
Something like this is hard to ignore
Cause she's the ultimate palette for all you beauty whore

Blog & Win Urban Decay Naked Basics

Urban Decay Naked Basics is in my makeup wishlist so I really hope I'll win this :D
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