Home away from home

A 3 nights - 2 days visit to Bangi last week for Nana's engagement and my second last dentist appointment before the transition from braces to retainer.
Yepp! I'm gonna be brace-free in two months. Mixed feelings about it though. I'm sort of emotionally attached to this metal thing in my mouth.
Managed to squeeze in some other stuff in between.

Spaghetti Carbonara
Stop by Kolej Dato' Onn to meet up with Aren.
Had some leftover spaghetti carbonara.
We used to be so skinny. We miss being skinny.
We're both around 54kgs now and it looks like we're not going to be skinny ever again.
Temasya Gemilang Kolej Keris Mas 2013
Hang out with Fakhri and Debot at Temasya Gemilang Kolej Keris Mas's closing ceremony
My not so lucky number
Temasya Gemilang Kolej Keris Mas 2013
One of the reasons I love student life. Free performances and (sometimes) concert!
IamNeeta - Terima Kasih (after Price Tag and Tuhan Tolong Aku).
My current favourite. Our song kan? Hihi

All in all, I had fun.
Thanks a lot for having me, ARiey! ;)
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