We Are Quiet, We Are Loud: The Best Young Writers and Artists In America

We Are Quiet, We Are Loud: The Best Young Writers and Artists In America
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You'd be surprised by how young minds work. Not everyone can put down their thoughts in words and photographs so beautifully, artistically and vividly.

The essays, short stories, poems and photographs varied in many different genres that touches on racial issues, family problems, love, friendship and the list goes on.

My favourites are :-

A Prenuptial Agreement for Friendship (Nicole Mangione). The title reflects what it's all about. One of the terms in the agreement was "...when you give me advice, I will listen not because you are any authority on the subject of my pain but because your love gives you wisdom and perspective."

Man Kills Mime (Sagan Harris) was written very imaginatively. I never really have any thought about mimes but this piece certainly got me thinking.

Exchange (Anna Chandler) was interesting. Basically it's about how mothers will construct a dress for their girls from the day they were born to be worn when they turned 18 in a parade. The dresses are based on the father's occupation i.e a mechanic's daughter will have a dress made of grease, steel and car spareparts, a farmer's daughter's dress is made of chicken feathers, etc. It will only be revealed to the girls on the day of the parade itself.

At the day of the parade, the mothers realised that the girls have altered their dresses and exchanged some parts of the dresses i.e carpet weaver's thread on landscaper's dress because the grass was falling off.

I've just realised that there's an underlying meaning behind this fiction. Some parents want their kids to be just like them. From the day that they were born, the kids will be prepped to make sure that they will grow up to be their parents' mini mes. The last part shows how kids will rebel in the end when they've found out about their parents' "plan".

I don't know if my interpretation is accurate but I think that is the message that the author tried to incorporate in her fiction. It was indeed a brilliant story.

Last but not least To My Future Lover and Soul Mate (Cate Mahoney). A short and simple poem, straight to the heart.

There's more than 300 pages worth of arts and literature to immerse yourself into. I'm glad I bought this.
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