money can buy you (temporary) happiness II

When I'm down, I spend money. Last year, I bought a bottle of perfume just because - simpan dalam kotak for a few months before using it.

I was feeling pretty beat up a day before the convocation ceremony. Decided to do some shopping at KLCC. Dayang wanted to go to the RM2 toilet. Never been there before but now I know why she's willing to pay that much to use a toilet padahal ada free toilets. So jakun.

Changed my mind about shopping, we ended up at Sushi King. 

Sushi King, KLCC

Sushi King, KLCC

Sushi King, KLCC
Tori Kushiage
Japanese style skewered chicken

Sushi King, KLCC
Mixed Bento
Lemon, salmon, chicken, rice, crabsticks

Sushi King, KLCC

The food that evening tasted extra delicious. Nak lagi please! I wish we had more time to stuff ourselves but we were in a rush to be with our family and prep for our convocation ceremony the next morning.

*Hugged Dayang in front of the escalator before we went our separate ways regardless of the fact that the next morning we know we will be sitting next to each other in the hall. Bak kata Ca, padahal esoknya nak jumpa, over. I miss that.
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