Shiha + Izz

Went to both receptions last weekend - many thanks to Cheah for the invitation and also my friends for bringing me there. And good luck for the newlyweds. Semoga penyatuan ini membawa keberkatan dan rahmat untuk kedua mempelai dan keluarga. InsyaAllah.

I love the bunga telur. I love the door gift. I love the food, it was superb. I love everything about both receptions. I love the colour combination. They look adorable together. This wedding actually revived my love for wedding receptions and nasi minyak. More weddings please!

Reception 1

Shiha + Izz Wedding
Cik Ara, ready to dig in. Awesome food.

Nampak tak Cheah and Izz? They're in white and my camera sucks.

Shiha + Izz Wedding
Decor cantik!

Bunga telur cantik!

Reception 2

Shiha + Izz Wedding

Shiha + Izz Wedding
My favourite picture from my lousy BB camera. Sweet kan! :D

Shiha + Izz Wedding
Bersama Cik Cukue cilok dari Instagram beliau :)
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