Last night, I ate paru sambal, and then I went out and had bubble tea, kerepek ubi. Suddenly I feel like there's something poking the insides of my cheeks. At that moment I didn't know there was a problem so I keep eating like it's nobody's business. I thought it's just a bristle (toothbrush bristles is a pain in the ass to remove) but no, it can't be that simple can it? 

I went to my room and straight away inspect my teeth. Bad news, the power chain snapped! Good news, it only affect one bracket.

Broken power chain

The thing is, it's Sunday so I need to wait until Monday to set an appointment. I need to apply for leave. I need to go to Bangi. Damn it. Braces, I love you but you're torturing me.

After a few hours of whining and mopping around, I finally came to my senses, googled it and found out that it's not a big problem at all. Some people even waited for weeks before getting it repaired. 

I was planning to delay the appointment for at least three weeks, but this thing is so annoying, I hope I can go to the dentist this week and get this done immediately.

*Happy Birthday Jana :)!
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