KL Vintage Fest May 2012

Tarikh: 5th May 2012

Tempat: MIA Arts Center, Jalan Ampang

Vintage is love and vice versa. If you're my close friend you know how much I love vintage. In fact, semua baju dinner dari first year sampai final year mesti ada ke-vintage-annya.

That's why lah rasa macam teruja gila nak pergi this fest and memang best sangat-sangat. Cater to boys and girls, men and women, young and old, preppy or grunge. Bukan setakat clothing and accessories, ada a lot of other vintage stuff like, cameras, coke bottles, plates, etc. Yang murah ada, yang mahal ada. Tengok orang dress up in vintage from head to toe. Bowling hat, bow tie and suspenders siap. The dresses, the hair… Perfect!

The food was awesome too. Oh, and live bands… syok. Ingat balik berbunga hati *swoon*

Serius enjoy dalam kepanasan. All of us were sweating like pigs. Kalau pergi sorang probably akan tunggu sampai malam baru balik. Mana puas seyh tiga jam je kat sana but time is money and I don't have a lot of both to spare so…

KL Vintage Fest May 2012Starbucks KLCC

Hang out kejap minum-minum before heading back to our home away from home. Hopefully dapat attend next KL Vintage Fest. Sumpah best, sumpah rindu!

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