Sweetened up

Went to Alamanda, Putrajaya with the usuals plus best friends from SIGS during form 6 last weekend and finally got to pamper my taste buds with some splurge-worthy ice cream.
US minus Azie - Starbucks Alamanda Putrajaya
I still hate taking pictures with my friends. Terserlah keDayang-Senandungannya. Benci tauuuu.
Can you see what's in front of me?? YES. It's the delightful Chocolate Truffle Sensation from The Cream & Fudge Factory.
Chocolate Truffle Sensation - The Cream & Fudge FactoryChocolate Truffle Sensation - The Cream & Fudge Factory
I love hazelnuts and I've developed an addiction to desserts few months ago. The ice cream was amazing and the thing I love the most was I got to share it with my friends. Orang kata makan ramai-ramai lagi nikmat kan?
Anyway, picked up a copy of Yuna's Terukir Di Bintang at Speedy before heading back to my home away from home. It was the only one left on the rack. Pheww!
Yuna - Terukir di Bintang

The fact that I have to attend Saturday classes is so depressing : Yeye avoid diploma syariah so that I'll have my weekends. Suddenly during the last lap kena juga berkorban T_T
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