Bunohan [2012]


I've read mixed reviews (after I saw the movie because I didn't read anything about it beforehand other than Zahiril Adzim's entry in his blog) but what I can say is, I love the movie! In fact, WE LOVE IT! Thanks to Ira and Ariey for asking me to join you guys oh terharunya T_T

Anyway, what I love the most is how the movie affect us. We still talk and discuss about the movie, trying to really dig deep into the message that the producer, director, scriptwriters, actors and everyone involved in the making of Bunohan wants to project/convey to the viewers long after the movie ends. Exchanging our thoughts about it. Analyzing the script and scenes. Honestly, I don't have a single complaint. Just praises all the way. 

Did I mention that the movie was beautifully filmed? The actors' loghat Kelate was quite excellent. Not as awkward and fake as other movies. They really did a great job on the linguistic area. The actors are also really good in playing their characters. Even the supporting actors.

Having said that, in the end, everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinion. Some might say that Bunohan was a total waste of their money and time but I don't mind watching it again.*****

Conclusion: Cancelled class, Ariey + Ira, Bunohan, McDonald's Big Breakfast, Wantan Mee, Advocacy & Litigation Class with Mr. Hanif, FESSAT… my Friday was almost perfect :)
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