Movie Marathon

Arrived safely at my home away from home on Sunday evening. So far I've spent all my free time watching, apart from the usual TV series, movies.
The Hangover Part II (2011)
 The Hangover Part II
Same old storyline with The Hangover but equally funny (or maybe funnier? you be the judge).

Something Borrowed (2011)
Something Borrowed 
The usual chic-flick. About a girl who fell in love but didn't admit it because she thought she wasn't good enough for the hot guy which happens to be her best friend's fiancé and ends up confessing her love few weeks before the wedding. Most of my friends love this movie. I kinda like it but I hate the ending.

August Rush (2007)
August Rush
A movie about the magical power of music, how it guides a boy who has lived his whole life at an orphanage to find his parents. The thing that made me watch the whole movie was actually the sub-plot about how his parents fell in love. I must say that the storyline itself is illogical and sort of unreal but, what's unreal for me might be real for you. Sort of fairytale-ish. Not quite loving it but it's an okay movie.

The Way Back (2010)
The Way Back 

A story about how prisoners escaped from Siberian Gulag during Soviet Union's occupation in Poland survived their journey to find their way back to wherever they came from. Imagine walking for months through the snow storms and the sand storms across the forest and desert with limited food and water. Half of them died along the way. Only four survived their journey to India and from there, they went their separate ways. A really good watch if you like historical movies.

And now, back to reading articles and stuff. The lecturer sent us like four emails as a reminder to prepare before his lecture tomorrow. No fun at all.
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