"move on benda paling senang nak cakap, susah nak buat, BTW" - Zatul

Hmm.. depends. Certain people move on easily… and for the rest, it'll take years to finally move on. Semua orang ada kemampuan masing-masing ye tak?

And it also depends on the impact of the other person towards the one yang kena move on tu regardless of how long/short the relationship was. As a friend once pointed out to me, it's not the quantity that matters but the quality.

So, untuk orang-orang yang selalu cakap "alah move on tu senang je.", don't be too cocky, aye? Stop saying you've been there. Stop telling people you know how to handle the situation. Just stop.

Baguslah korang senang move on. That's great, seriously best gila but, tak bermaksud korang ada hak nak look down on orang yang still stuck. Mana tau one day korang akan stuck dekat someone. Baru time tu korang rasa kesakitan patah hati and mulalah rasa menyesal sebab selama ni you thought you're untouchable by the pain of unrequited love.

Bak kata Bruno Mars "if you ever leave me, baby. leave some morphine at my door". Dia punya sakit tu, dadah je yang mampu buat kita lupa. Habis effect dadah, masih terasa.

Bruno Mars memang King of Exaggeration, BTW.

And the people that bugs me the most are those who complain about too much whining on twitter/facebook/blog lah apa padahal they've been there, and walapun nampak bahagia, still secretly nursing their wounded heart.

Maybe lah memang tak patut nak spam all social networking sites dengan kisah sedih tapi, different people deals with every single thing differently. Mana tahu diorang takde someone they can talk to or they just don't wanna talk but wanna be heard. Korang tak tahu kan? So, yeah. Daripada mengutuk baik tolong secara halus like post positive stuff ke apa, counter balik the negative energy.

Believe me, as far as I know nobody wants to be forever stuck. Semua nak happy. Just sometimes, they thought they can only be happy with one person padahal, the world and all it's possibilities terbentang luas depan mata.

So, sila dengar Today My Life Begins – Bruno Mars "I will break this chains that bind me, happiness will find me, leave the past behind me, today my life begins". Thanks to Dayang sebab intro lagu ni to the club. Indie for life!


Okay settle entry pasal move on pheww!

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