E'Day / B'Day

Last Saturday was super fun and exciting.

Went to Ashira Fahra's brother's wedding reception at Dewan Azalea. The food was really good siap ada gearbox. Am considering to hire them for my own reception hehe.

Wouldn't miss meeting up with the newly engaged lady so after the reception, we went to Taman Cahaya Masai. The ceremony was after Zuhur but we got there at 6.30PM! Sorry sayang we were late because of the rain and the traffic. Tak pasal kena tunggu kitorang baru boleh salin baju kepanasan dah dia hehe sorry.

Here's an old picture…

SIGS 2005

Clockwise from the back row: Syikin, Chuefa, Ofee, A'ah, Cuen, Dewi, Aren, yours truly.

Anyways, congrats Dewi. It has been four years since the last time I met her okay. Things haven't really changed but she has become more poised kot. Ladylike sikit cheh! hihi

Dewi's Engagement Day

Sometimes, I hate taking group pictures with my friends. Nampak sangat gelap di situ :/

Cuen's 24th Birthday

And then we had an impromptu birthday celebration for Cuen. Happy 24th sayang :) The plan was to hangout at Pasar Karat afterwards but, it was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Goody Bags

Some goodies from the wedding reception and Dewi's. Pretty simple and do-able. Totally gonna have this for my own reception karang. Karang tu entah bila but I'm allowed to plan kan? Mana tahu tiba-tiba ada orang masuk minang kan? :P

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