Day 1: Dear heart,

Before you fall maybe you should check whether there's any encumbrances. Sadly, I'm not the kind of girl who usually do a search on people. Even if I found out about something, I seldom leave the bad aside and always look for the good.

Sometimes people care too much and I'm melting too soon. I'm addicted to the ones that makes me feel special and I always end up hurting myself even more because, like it or not, people don't always mean what they say or do. And we always give meanings within our heart content.

I'm not sure whether to stand still or move backwards. So I just bend a little in hopes that somebody will push reality to my face until it hits me.

For now, I'm still dreaming the impossible dream wishing the bubble won't burst anytime soon.

I put my faith in you. Please don't break me. If there's a need to hurt, do it gently. You don't always have to be cruel to be kind.


This was written few weeks ago.

I'm moving backwards. Back to where I once was. Reality hit me right on my face and it's sad to say that, I've already expected it but I was underprepared.

The bubble already burst and I'm wide awake.

Partially broken. I can't tell what I'm feeling right now. I'm at ease with myself.

I know this is what's best for me, for everybody. Carpe diem.


Take a bow.

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