Day 4: My perfectly interesting long weekend

*for my own future reference

Jadi tourist guide for Zahidah.

Ke candy store a.k.a Sephora dengan Jaja. Bought a lil somethin somethin. 

A good walk and talk with Dbout. Deep conversation about life. Won't go into specifics here but I was glad we meet up.

Lepak makan-makan with few of my batch mates thanks to Beddy. First time makan ikan patin masak tempoyak. Hantu durian pun tak makan tempoyak macam mana orang yang tak makan durian, like me, boleh telan? Demi ikan patin mak sanggup noks!

Then, dashed to McDonalds. Layan perasaan macam biasalah kan. Tengok lah lepak dengan siapa.

Lepak with Ariey almost all day since she slept and studied at my room. Pergi makan cendol at Seksyen 4 Tambahan. Tak sedap. Rindu Teras Jernang.

And then later at night minum-minum with few Twit-terrific friends.

…way to end my perfectly interesting long weekend, if you know what I mean.

Dan bak kata mereka-mereka yang tahu cerita, sila tabah dan gigih. You were born alone, you'll die alone. No big deal.
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