the fact that you guys will always be my rainbow made me brave the heavy rain

I've realized I am unwanted here.

It's good to know that my girls, no matter how separated and unrelated we were few years ago, are my safety nets in the present world. No matter how crippling their words can be, it's better than sweetened toppings to disguise the bitterness underneath.

I have learnt to ignore all of you for you have unappreciated my friendship. You don't think that I'm worthy of your time. You will only find me when it concerns your money, and your own benefits. You want me to give whilst you never gave back. Our relationship is so dysfunctional that it hurts to even call you an acquaintance.

We were once so close for whatever reason there was. Not anymore.

I was once so badly saddened by this sudden change. Not anymore.

For I believe I have found true friendship from the girls I once grew up with. So if you refuse to be kind to me, that will be fine. I will be fine without you and all of your holy fakeness. I know for a fact, you don't even care about this.

Best wishes.





… and I have you. The one that can make me feel the saddest and the happiest.

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