Sunday : The Big Bad Wolf and The Red Riding Hoods

I thought I won't get a chance to go to The Big Bad Wolf Sale since it's the last day on that day.

I thought my day would be mundane, boring, spent alone, in my room, watching movies from the external hard disk.

I thought the futsal UN event would be cancelled because it was raining heavily.

(Wow. So many thoughts NN!)

… but boy was I wrong!

Because the rain stop after a while and the futsal event still goes on.

And I had lunch + dessert (Bread Butter Pudding) at Kakbie's place.

I went to The BBWS instead of watching the futsal game. There's not much books left though. I picked out 10 books but decided to only purchase 4 of it and left the rest on the tables. Money didn't grow on trees aye?!

The Big Bad Wolf Sale MAEPS

Afterwards, the hunger stricken us went to Alamanda for some dinner + window shopping.

Since the new Tutti Frutti at Presint 14/15 was having a promotion - 50% off (thanks Sha-Fiq Orang Melaka for the info!), we head on there.

While I was busy deciding what flavour I want, a girl asked me if I'm from JB and the conversation continues…

haah. SIGS ek?

haah! Padanlah macam familiar.

tulah. Dah perasan tadi. Ni semua (referring to others) SIGS.

oh yeke.


Then, rupanya Hasliza. She sat next to Kakbie at school OK. What a small world! I know her because she's a friend of Jana during upper secondary. The TF is her family's. Wah best gila pulak boleh makan free froyo everyday. Teehee.


[Insert gambar 5 mangkuk Tutti Frutti here. Dah terdelete –_-"]


By far, it was the best TF I ever had because someone else paid for it! MUAHAHAHAHA - I am not a fan of TF at all mind you. I still prefer cendol at Teras Jernang.


At the end of the day, Sunday was FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. Kan?



Looking forward to : Next hangout sesh with the girls <3

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