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Chic POP Street Market 10

It was my second time attending Chic POP Street Market. This time, I went alone from the get go. Which is okay. At least I didn't have to wait for anyone haha.

Anyhow, it wasn't great pun. Biasa-biasa je. Got some freebies and bought a notebook for RM5.00 (such a sucker for RM5.00 stuff – DAISO) and two rings, one for me; another one for Ara.

Chic POP Street Market 10 Jaya ONE Petaling Jaya Belt Buckle Ring


My new ring. Love it. Not too loose on my skeleton-like fingers but still… need to gain weight!
Currently 43kilos. Lost 6kilos in 6 months T_T



Real Steel

Despite good reviews from my twitter followings, it was just OK for me. I almost slept during the first half of the movie. Too much unnecessary conversations I guess. The fight scenes was super amazing though.



Subway Mines Shopping Fair

Been craving for Subway for months now. Finally, someone wants to teman me. Before this, every time I went somewhere and I saw Subway I was already full so, tak jadi beli. Nasib baik ada Zehid.

She didn't really like it. What's so special about the overpriced sandwiches? I don't know. But it sure tastes good to me.


F & D's Birthday Picnic

Gosh. UPM is one big university. It was amazing. Rasa jakun tau masuk UPM. We went there to celebrate Fakhri's and Debot's birthday.

Happy birthday Debot! :D

Their birthday is picnic time I guess. Last year's picnic was at Botanical Garden Putrajaya. This year; Bukit Ekspo UPM.

Birthday Picnic Bukit Ekspo UPM

Nah! A picture of us (minus Faruq and Hasan) fresh from Hasan's camera.

Trifle, Chocolate Banana Pop(iah), spaghetti bolognese, egg sandwich, rainbow cake, cappucino cake, fried chicken. Less than last year's portion tapi tak habis juga. Diet ke semua orang??

Tak kesahlah. I had fun. We had fun. It was scorching hot but, all is well.




Back to assignments now. Padan muka bertangguh lepas tu malam ni jadi burung hantu <^O,O^> hoot hoot

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