Paso Bumbong 2011 @johobaru

27th September 2011

Plaza Seni Rooftop


It was my first time at Paso Bumbong, an annual event organized by JOHO.

Lots of familiar faces, good music, great stuff, and superb food. Certainly made me happy after a disastrous day.

Adding to my dose of happiness, had Nasi Lemak Kukus Kombi (sambal sotong) for break-fast. I was craving for nasi lemak ever since the start of fasting month but the ones sold at bazar ramadhan near my house was not as good as this one! Two thumbs-up!

Looking forward to another JOHO event just for Nasi Lemak Kukus Kombi and not forgetting, mango juice at Air Botol Sudin.

Instead of buying shoes and clothes, I end up spending RM50++ on stickers, postcards, sampul duit raya and coasters just because they're cute. I didn't buy the shirt though. I avoid buying anything short-sleeved because I'm not a fan of layering right now. The weather is impossible. I'll be drenched in sweat 5 minutes after I put on my clothes if I layer 'em.

All in all, thanks JOHO for revamping Joho Baru. It's livelier than ever. Better than during my days as a teenager. Eh! I'm old –_–"





Will talk about Kelantan & Hari Raya soon-ish : Sunday is D-day - as in Dreadful Day. Gosh. So not looking forward for classes. But I do miss my friends, Bukit Bintang, MidValley, IKEA and the likes. Yikes.

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