Nyonya Valley EXPRESS @ Terminal Bersepadu Selatan *CLOSED*

It was a few hours after changing the metal band (braces stuff). It doesn't hurt yet at that time so i thought, why not eat before boarding the bus (KL-JB).

We took quite a while to decide where to have lunch trying to balance out our cravings and the price of the food. After thirty minutes, we settled with Nyonya Valley Express located next to KFC.

Service wise, it was good. There were only six people in the restaurant when we first got there so, we don't really have to wait for the waitress to take our orders and serve our food.

I had:-

- Curry Chicken Wantan Mee RM7.90 (free coffee)

The wantan was really awesome! I love wantan noodles and always opt for it whenever I find it on the menu. I was a bit skeptical since the awful wantan noodles experience at Signature KLCC, but what the hell. It looks yummy. Thank God it tasted better than what I had expected.

The Iced coffee was super nice too. It's Kopi and not Nescafe. It has similar taste to Hua Mui's coffee, which I also love.

- Seafood Siew Mai RM 2.80 per set

It's as good as the ones I ate at Malay Village Restaurant. I think dim sums are addictive. If only I can have it everyday.

Next time you're stuck at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan and you don't have any idea where to eat, you should give Nyonya Valley EXPRESS a go. You'll probably love it, like I do!

Wendy's at TBS: Wow. Not sure if it's already there. If yes, baguslah. Tak payah pergi Berjaya Times Square to eat at Wendy's anymore. Kat Setia Tropika pun nak buka Wendy's kan? BEST!
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