The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart - Elisabeth Foley

A prologue to a beautiful day.

I can't say that our friendship is this 'tight' since our school days because it's not true. We used to belong in different cliques. Assabiyyah, I know! but that's SIGS101 for you. Almost everybody have cliques. Some of them are rivals and yet, look where we are now.

As we grow up, a much stronger bond ties us. Most of us stay loyal to our cliques but we managed to see past the boundaries.

Maybe a few years ago there'll be those days when we would bitch about each other all the time. Now, all I ever think about was how weird my life would be without them. Amazing how a school can bring people together.

It started with a question unrelated to the outcome. That's life. God keeps giving you obstacles and at the same time dropping a few surprises that will make you feel the utmost gratitude towards Him.

We are unlike some other friends who are one text/phone call away from meet ups, drinks and late night lepak session.

I fought for this. I cancelled prior engagement. I had to bend, twist and turn to make sure that this time, it will happen. I might be exaggerating but annual outing can be liken to a very precious gem. Invaluable and hard to find. The fact that it has been more than a year since our last hangout pushed me through it. And finally, with everybody's help and co-operation, we made it!

Thank God I didn't gave up.


Birthday wishes: Happy 23rd birthday Yuzeema Yahya a.k.a 2007s Red House Captain.  I miss you and your antics.

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