GEGO 2011 x JB 8th Arts Festival

It was my first time attending both GEGO and Arts Festival. There was a lot of hype going on about both events so why not be there and experience it myself.

On the top of my list was the garage sale. You can find brand new stuff, pre-loved, vintage, clothes, books, shoes, bags, accessories, toys and even cats! SUPER CUTE CATS!


There's also graffiti, longboarding, gigs, cultural stuff. Everybody was awesome!


I saw a lot of familiar faces. SIGSians, friends from primary, bloggers, friends of friends etc. That kinda makes me feel warm inside :)


I was left frustrated because of two things:-

1. Fynn Jamal was there but I missed her performance

2. I was searching for the mango drink I bought at Spray & Paint event but it was already sold out when I found it :(

After spending a few hours there, it's kinda sad to leave just because I'm working the next day.



Work on Saturdays: Lame!

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