Rasamas @ Larkin Sentral

Ordered Pandan Rice with Masala Lamb and Pandan Rice with Squid Sambal (each set served with carbonated drink, RM4.95 each). The lamb was good but the portion is too small. Still hungry afterwards. 

Chocolate Lava Rasamas

Chocolate Lava (RM5.90). It's definitely not love at the first bite. However, the second spoon full of chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce was almost heavenly. Despite the bad customer service, their chocolate lava totally made my day!

Still, it can't beat Vivo's chocolate lava.

Actually, it's not fair to compare Rasamass and Vivos chocolate lava. Vivo serve a bigger portion of cake and ice cream + cherry on top. The price also doubles Rasamas (RM10.90 during promo hour – usual price RM13.90).

If you're on a very small budget but you're craving for Chocolate Lava, stop by at Rasamas.
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