Meltdown - Ben Elton

Congrats to myself. After a fruitless semester, I have come to my senses and finished reading Ben Eltons 12th book. FYI, he's my favourite writer.
I'm kinda lazy to put words together into a sentence right now so, I'll just copy a draft I saved on my handheld device. Please excuse the repetition of words/facts and grammatical errors.
I have always been a fan of Ben Elton. Last weekend, I finished reading his 12th book; 'Meltdown'. Each an every book of his are based on a theme. Meltdown revolves around money problems, specifically, speculation/stocks/shares sort of Wall Street stuff.
It looks into the life of a bunch of friends dealing with money and speculation in every aspect including bank governer, stockbroker, business women, land dealers and minister; during their richest days and poorest moments. How friendships gone sour because of money and how previously posh family suffer through life without a nanny after a financial meltdown.
'Meltdown' certainly have it's element of surprise like the rest of his writings, but this time, instead of putting it in the end, it was put towards the ending. It is certainly the less radical and cleanest book written by Ben Elton.
Overall, it's not my favourite book from Ben Elton but I love it. It's different from the rest of his books, in a good way. I like how the story sometimes focus on raising children.
I would love to quote from the book but, like I've mentioned earlier, I'm in lazy mode.
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