Yong Tau Fu & ABC @ Kampung Melayu

I always love yong tau fu. It's easy, bite sized and most of the stuff is braces-friendly. However, the best yong tau fu ever can only be found at Kampung Melayu.

A few weeks back, I went there with my family to feast ourselves :)
Ready for some food porn?


Still hot when I took this picture. The soup is so lovely. Sweet and well seasoned.

That's not all! For dessert, there's a stall selling to-die-for ABC Special. So much better than the one at Angsana.

Looks yummy isn't it? There's also a lot of buah kabung underneath the chocolate sauce, yam ice cream and colourful ice gratings. PERFECT for buah kabung lovers like me but not so kind on the metals inside my mouth :/

Other than that, we ordered satay and Ma had rice porridge from a random stall.


Abah said that the kuah kacang was tasty. I think the satay itself is delicious. I have no idea whether the rice porridge was good or not though.

Total damage was about RM50.00++ including three plates of nasi goreng and drinks. The yong tau fu alone costs RM11.50.

If you're in Johor Bahru, head on to Kampung Melayu. The food court is located in front of the Post Office. You have to try the yong tau fu and ABC Special and be the judge!

Abah approves!: It's a rare thing that Abah enjoys eating at a place that I suggest. This is definitely a win! :D
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