Attachment | Week 3

Got a new friend. She's 21 from Universiti Malaya. Very bubbly and she's a genius! Got straight As all the way in school and has a very wide knowledge regarding law. She's pretty too! Looks a little bit like Keiko Lynn.

Other than that, everything else is the same except for the long call ceremony. I saw many SIGSians there. One of them was 22nd batch senior. I did shed some tears especially when looking at the proud parents but everything else was boring. The food was really good though.

Client-wise, the fact that I don't speak Mandarin really is a handicap. Most of the clients are Chinese. There are some who doesn't speak Bahasa Melayu or English at all so I have to ask KK to call them and be my translator. It's gonna be a problem when they come to sign the petition. I'll probably give the file to KK later on. Maybe I should learn Mandarin.

I also got a chance to see how a mediation is done. It's simple but a simple process complicated by humans. The guy says this and the lady says that. They keep on accusing each other. There are times when it got a little bit scary as the mediation gets heated up.

I still feel slightly saddened during consultations regarding divorce cases especially when the client is my age.

Sometimes I get annoyed by clients who complaints about the long process of getting a divorce. Well guys, what do you expect? People start preparing months before they get married so why must divorce be easy?

Divorce. It's not something that people like but sometimes, when the parties to the marriage can't even look at each other anymore, maybe it's the best choice they have.

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