Bront Palarae & I

I don't usually tweet celebrities. In fact, I don't like 'following' celebrities at all because sometimes they're a tad annoying. For example, Faizal Tahir. I love his works and of course I love him but I strongly dislikes his tweets. IMHO, he seems very cocky, which is a huge turn-off for me. In order to not turn the 'strongly dislike' part into 'HATE', I unfollowed him.

On the other hand,  last night I tweet about an upcoming TV series and mentioned this one guy. And then he replied! OMG how cool is that???? It was totally unexpected!
I can't stop smiling after reading this. I literally forced my roommate to STOP studying for one sec to read the tweet. The rest of the night, I was like…

Eh-eh, eh-eh, So happy I could die!
- Lady Gaga


The celebrities in my Following list: Bront Palarae ♥ and Bruno Mars - because they're cool; Wiz Khalifa - because his tweets appears in Tumblr all the time! Everything in Tumblr is awesome ∴ Wiz Khalifa's tweets are awesome!
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