My Mom's Chicken Rice @ Ampang

27th April 2011
Mom's Original RM6.90
Kuew Teow Kerang Rm2.00
Mineral Water RM1.00
This is my first time eating at Linda Onn's restaurant.

The food was okay although the presentation was a bit weird – cone-shaped chicken rice?? I kinda like chicken rice sold at Mid Valley Food Junction. A comparison: Maybe the only plus point is the fact that the soup at My Mom's Chicken Rice doesn't have a weird smell.

Kuew Teow Kerang is available from 3.00PM to 7.00PM everyday. They call it Happy Hour promotion since it's priced at RM2.00 only. Quite okay but still weird – kerang warna merah macam colouring.

I miss JB: Food there is so much better.
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