a good friend is a connection to life

Last week Kak Bie invited us, Dbout, Ofee, Cukue, Ara and me; to her house for a makan-makan session. Cukue just got back from Thailand. It's definitely the right time to meet up, eat and laugh at the same time while reminiscing old memories from way back when.

The food was delicious. There's fried chicken, sambal sotong, sayur masak lemak, ikan masin, trifle, hot dogs and fried egg (by request). Sambal super sedap, sanggup aku makan sotongnya for the first time in my life! Not bad but kinda chewy. Interesting...


I had so much fun! Thanks a lot loves. Sayang korang lah sampai bilik terus rindu terus sedih sebab the next day ada paper. Huhu.

Still a Third Year Student: Apakah? Everybody else dah habis exam siap cakap, 'dah masuk final year' and I have to deal with my optional paper next Monday? WHY??!

On the other hand: Kalau habis awal, kena tunggu Abah juga sampai 30th April. Jalan jom? Anybody? Nobody? FINE!
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