Fishing @ Bukit Cerakah Shah Alam

My friends went fishing at Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam (Taman Pertanian) last Wednesday and I just tag along. I make sandwiches for them, took pictures, hold their umbrellas, etc.


1. Fishing is a boring sport especially when you didn't caught any fish. And when you're the only one who did caught a fish even if it's just a talapia, you're allowed to brag. The losers just need to buck up. Eventually, almost everyone caught a fish. Tak pancing tapi, candat je. Haha


2. It may seem like a mundane day (for me) but everything's fun when you're with friends I guess. Sitting there side by side munching those yummylicious Super Ring while enjoying the beautiful and serene view; it was so calming. It's definitely not a "HAHA-fun" moment but i love it.
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3. Three out of five. I really miss Jana and Azie. I miss my STPM days. Everything was so carefree if you left out the part where the teachers won't stop bugging me day and night about who I hang out with at school. That's one of the reason I don't add teachers and (most) lecturers on Facebook.

4. I wore a cropped top from a bundle kiosk at Pusanika (in case you're wondering, it's a building inside UKM), overused ilsya hijab (need to buy a new one but i can;t afford it now ): ) and a secondhand f21 shirt bought from fellow college-mate met on Tumblr who is also a friend of my batch mate. What a small world ey?

9.30AM dentist appointment. 10.00AM labour law test. Wish me luck!

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