You win some, You lose some…

A few weeks ago, T texted me saying that he was bored and unlike his friends, he doesn't have a girlfriend to hang out with (kesian).

We decided to go to SOGO. Before we got to SOGO, we stopped by at Semua House because I want to go to this one charity shop selling vintage and pre-loved clothing - Bless Shop. I bought so many things there I've lost count! Unfortunately, the shop has been replaced with a jewelry shop. I was devastated I almost cried but someone reminded me that there's another Bless Shop at Mid Valley. Although it was smaller and don't have as much variety as the one at Semua House, I just need to move on. There's more to life than cheap clothes (drama queen?).

Yesterday, I went to Stellar's Vintage Bazaar. I must say that the owner of LOOKBOOK, Mas Angelina is soo pretty up front, I was in awe. Her pictures is pretty too but it don't do her justice. However, I came back with nothing, which is pretty disappointing considering the things I had to go through to be there - planned to rent a car but the owner was late. I was already on a bus when he called. KTM Komuter was out of service for 2 hours!! Honestly, I hate going to these kind of events because girls would dress to the nines and I look sooooo selekeh *sigh*

Amidst the frustration, I remembered Cukue tweeted about macarons at Empire. I had a very unpleasant macaron experience at Rantai ART but I just need to taste the highly appraised macarons at Whisk.

Whisk Empire Shopping Gallery Subang Jaya

1 – RM2, 10 – RM18.
Chocolate, Coffee, Peanut Butter, Caramel, Strawberry Shortcake

It was delish especially Strawberry Shortcake. Will definitely go there again next time, InsyaAllah.
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