Hujan Panas (WAMM / The Actors Studio FUSED Screening #6, "The First of 2011")

(dalam Bahasa Inggeris)

For the longest time, Zaki has dreamed about coming to America. He enrolls himself in a business course and finds himself in New York City -- in an apartment with two illegal Indonesian immigrants; Ferdy and Mira, in Flushing, Queens.

As he grapples with the harsh reality of living in the city, he finds himself slowly attracted to Mira. She helps him realize the possibilities of starting life anew -- possibilities that are threatened by an impending marriage and his awaited return to Malaysia.

Tengok 8tv Quickie kejap tadi and ada cerita pasal this short film. The director, Nadiah Hamzah, was interviewed. Dia cakap baru-baru ni ada buat private screening and akan dibuka untuk tayangan umum:-

WAMM / The Actors Studio FUSED Screening #6, "The First of 2011"
Rabu, 23 Mac 2011
Actors Studio, Lot 10 Rooftop

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