the affairs inside my mouth might gross you out

i thought it was a cold sore or ulcer or something. i took a pick and poked it. it doesn't hurt. it was hard. a small speck of tooth stuck on my gum. i remembered during the extraction of that particular bicuspid, among the 4 extractions, it was the hardest and the most painful. my gum swelled afterwards and i can't eat nor brush my teeth properly afterwards. there was a lot of blood. i suffered from dry sockets for weeks.

enough flashbacks on gory details of the first few steps before braces.

thank God i got the urge to check it out. it has been there for weeks i guess. when it got out, my gum bled a little but it doesn't hurt. who knows what would've happen if i didn't took it out. it'll be forever inside my gum. will it cause me long-term pain? only God knows. don't worry. i've stop examining the speck of tooth. it's already in the dustbin.

next week i'll be going to the dentist again to (maybe) change the arch wire and the o rings. been thinking of orange-blue. cool no? trying to avoid pink. maybe in the next few months i'll get to pink but not now. i don't feel girlish lately.

on the same day, i got this test. and that's the only thing left before study week. quite a bummer. i can pack my stuff and take a bus to JB now since i'm free until next friday but, i'm still thinking of going to Old Blossom Box Prelove Party tomorrow. should i go?

OBB Prelove Party

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