Somewhat Different : Black Swan [2011]

I went to PETRONAS Art Gallery. There's this exhibition going on until March that would make you feel like you're at IKEA-like store. So, if you happen to be at KLCC and you're feeling bored, go there and be inspired.

Somewhat Different Petronas Art Gallery KLCC

Somewhat Different Petronas Art Gallery KLCC

Black Swan tickets

Black Swan is a painfully beautiful movie. When i say pain, I really mean it. There's a lot of scenes that made us cringe and cover our eyes. Some scenes were terrifying, heck, Nina's mom was scary! But I LOVE the dance bits. The acting was superb. Natalie Portman was amazing. Mila Kunis was talented and beautiful. LOVE LOVE LOVE Black Swan!

Unfortunately, Cuen's wrist got worse to the point that she can't even move her right hand! I almost panicked but she's so cool about it I'm starting to feel that I'm overreacting. Get well soon babe and don't forget to see a doctor! I'm sorry :(

Thomas Sabo catalogue

Sad story aside, I didn't buy anything except for food and the movie tickets but i picked up a Thomas Sabo's catalogue from the concierge. Love the graphics. It's too cool to sit at the shelf with other not-so-cool brochures.
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