DYK?: Facebook


1. do you know that if you’re annoyed with someone’s posts on Facebook you can just hide him/her from your news feed? maybe kau rasa dia too jiwang or too emo or too mengada-ngada or knowing what they did will break your heart/spark jealousy. tapi, kalau dah beyond annoying tu, delete je lah kot. choose wisely.


2. do you know that sekarang ni, if you like something (gambar/posts/comment/status) after that if orang komen, takkan keluar kat your notification. means if kau buat status and then ada orang like pastu kau macam cakap “thanks sebab like” sebenarnya kau cakap sorang-sorang je sebab diorang tak tau korang komen. kalau nak cakap sorang-sorang, buat Twitter lah kak. haha.



p/s: do you know kalau buat business online pun kena register kat SSM? (here)

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